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Why Us







      Defence Security is an independently owned security guard company based in Edmonton, Alberta servicing the private sector, public sector, retail sector, and manufacturing sectors of  Western Canada. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality service to our clients and being highly professional. We strive to not only meet your expectation but exceed it. We take all necessary measures to ensure your security and to follow protocol through each step of that process when guarding your business.


Our guards all have received extensive field training by senior staff to prepare them for numerous situations and unexpected incidents on the job. All candidates employed to serve must clear a criminal record check. They also must have extensive experience in the security services sector. Also, new hires must attend a 3 day course on dealing with difficult people, tactical maneuvers, proactive defense, and diffusing a situation. New hires must also attend a 2 day course to familiarize themselves with Defence Security’s standards, specifications, code of conduct, and protocol. Defence Security offers security services for the oil and gas industry, construction, and various other business sectors. Whether you need alarm responders, mobile patrols, foot patrols, access control, fire watch, or insurance needs we can help you.


Defence Security’s team leaders have extensive knowledge and experience to conduct a site study and risk assessment of your premises Let us assess your premises to evaluate potential risks and advise you of various ways to combat any security breach This process will aid us and guarantee a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.