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Our security arrangement for special events is impeccable. We plan the entire operation thoroughly and make sure that the people at the venue are safe. Our personnel and security guards are hired for corporate lunches, promotions, product launches, high profile meetings, music or dance shows, special screenings, sports meets, and more. Our security personnel have been trained to respond to any threat arising out of a large number of gathered persons. Admired throughout the industry for delivering a tailored, inventive and competitive solution to each appointment; crowd management planning, safety and security underpins our friendly delivery and customer focused attitude. They also have had intensive training in crowd safety procedures. Defence Security is Canada’s premier event security firm. From Vancouver to Edmonton, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and our experience helps drive event profitability. So… sit back and relax while our dedicated team manages every aspect of your event security — from pre-event strategy meetings with promoters and entertainment management to post-event watch. Our on site mobile communication units ensure real-time staffing adjustments and double as on site security command centres. We also provide tour security services for bands, artists, VIPs and celebrities across the globe. Professional and articulate, our expertly trained tour security officers quickly become an important extension of the entertainer’s team.

Without effective security, companies are vulnerable to crime, personal injury and property damage. Defence Security Officers anticipate and deter security problems, reduce your risk of liability, and provide action during emergencies. While our Security Officers are not sworn police officers, they offer vital law enforcement support.Our security officers are able to provide you with consistent, responsive, innovative, and professional service because Defence Security provides them with effective supervision, quick response, back-up systems, proper recruiting, and screening and training before assignments.

Defence Security is always striving to maintains a competitive edge when it comes to residential Security. Realizing the importance of hiring the right people to protect your property is a key strategic plan. We have pre job screening of employees , background checks, investigations, criminal record checks, credit checks, surveillance and other services in order to ensure that the company’s best interests are being protected as well as our clients. Defence Security approaches residential security with a mindset of recording any and all information regardless of minor or major, ensuring no detail is left out. Our security personnel periodically inspect unattended homes for signs of environmental, criminal, or vandal activity and to respond to any threat to the safety and security of that property. Whether its new construction or home watch we are ready to serve your needs.

Among our total security management services is our specialized corporate security management capability. Corporate security management goes beyond the standard corporate security service to encompass a 360 degree approach to the coordination and deployment of our top notch private security team. Defence Security offers our corporate clients pre-scheduled security guards as well as around the clock security for sensitive buildings or sites. Our corporate security management services are available for situations such as breach of security, protection of confidential documents, special event security, high profile lawsuits (protection to and from the court room), speaking events and corporate group meetings.

Defence Security is a leading Alberta industrial security provider. At Defence Security we understand that your industrial security service requirements are unique, so we take the time to understand your industrial security requirements, which enables us to provide the best value and professional security service – the first time and every time.


At Defence Security we have been offering a broad spectrum of industrial security clients throughout Alberta. Our professional team, with decades of industrial security experience, makes us your first choice as your Industrial security provider.

Typically our uniformed security guards are deployed to provide a visible security guard presence for retail and commercial clients. All our security guards are professional in their job and are trained in customer greeting services to ensure good relations and positive response from clients. Defence Security Guard, an Edmonton Security Company is an independently owned security guard company servicing industrial security for all companies. Edmonton security company offers all male and female security guards for companies as per the requirement. Edmonton Security Company is Canada based Security company offering services for almost all over the Canada. Edmonton Security Company deliver services in 365 days a year, 7 days a week or 24 hours a day. Keep all your worries to Edmonton security firm and be relax in terms of security issues. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality service to our clients and being highly professional.

Mobile patrols are a cost effective way to have a mobile security presence at your premises, acting as a deterrent without the cost of a full-time security officer. The effectiveness of this service is maximized, through the programming of these patrols to occur on a random basis, thus eliminating any ‘predictable’ service visit.

Defence Security’s mobile patrol services have been securing Alberta businesses with a reputation for reliability. Through training and familiarity with the sites they patrol, Defence Security Patrol Officers can react quickly to any irregularities.

Maximum benefit can be gained from a service where the Defence Security patrol officer carries client’s keys in a secure environment and conducts an internal after-hours inspection of the site. This ensures that the maintenance of the site is preserved, allowing for identification of situations such as potential fire hazards, unsecured company information and systems or any other irregularities.

On detecting any irregularity at your site such as storm damage, vandalism or signs of an attempted break and enter; Defence patrol officers will notify our Monitoring centers immediately and your pre-agreed instructions will then be carried out.


National Response Centre

Managing your mobile security is streamlined through our National Response Centre. This innovative solution supports your business, with one single point of contact for national mobile patrol coordination. Professional, friendly customer service officers are specifically trained in mobile patrol services, delivering speedier reporting and on- time feedback.

Parking restrictions can help to keep potential threats away from a building. In urban settings, however, curbside or underground parking is often necessary and sometimes difficult to control.

Mitigating the risks associated with parking requires creative design measures including parking restrictions, perimeter buffer zones, barriers, structural hardening and other architectural and engineering solutions. Operational measures may also be necessary to inspect or screen vehicles entering parking garages.

Defence Security specializes in professional Security guard services from small to large sized hotels. Hotels have all personalities as guests staying in them. When it comes to hotel security, it is not only a regular security guard assigned to any random site. Defence Security has a special hotel security team. The hotel security team specializes in hotel and tourism safety and security. The team is given special training in this specifically unique type of service.

There are many reasons why a hotel may need a security guard from Defence Security. Its presence demonstrates a highly visible felling of security and comfort. It can also be unobtrusively stationed in civilian clothes to maintain a low profile. Guards from Defence Security are experts in the hotel security industry.


Vacation Home Watch Service is a comprehensive house/property watch and security service that provides our clients with the peace of mind knowing that our officers will be watching your house while you are away. Our security personnel are available to periodically inspect unattended homes for signs of environmental, criminal, or vandal activity and to respond to any threat to the safety and security of that property.

Defence Security Officers, Our mobile response units, and other emergency response agencies across Alberta.


Our highly trained Operators use remote cameras to verify alarms and events, and then follow client response and escalation protocols. Defence security company and has developed many productive and professional relationships both with customers and service partners. Our success is founded on our ability to solve our clients’ security issues with a high level of service and back-up support. In many cases, a site’s cameras will provide an alarm signal through video motion detection, allowing members of our mobile response team to be immediately dispatched. However, other devices can also trigger video transmission by integrating the alarms or access control points into the video system.

Since expanded this service for many other clients who experience elevated levels of visitor traffic, particularly in high-density urban cores and shopping districts.


Bike Officers are able to quickly move over large areas while still providing high visibility and deterrence. They are able to penetrate and pass through crowds easily, enabling responses where vehicles would be hampered. This is an excellent crime prevention service in cases of theft from auto as well as the removal of persons causing incivilities. Officers themselves find that response to emergency situations and crimes in progress is much more effective on a bike. Campus Security has also found the bike unit to be a cost effective alternative to traditional vehicle patrol and also promotes the department’s commitment to healthy and physically fit officers.


Bicycle patrols increase the patrol range of the Security Officers and significantly decrease response time to calls. Security Officers can cycle through crowds, isolated areas, around obstacles, and can approach suspicious situations discreetly.

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